Seamless & Custom Machine Learning Infrastructure for teams

Data Scientists spend 75% of time on infrastructure tasks. They could be spending this time on building and optimising models. Interested to learn more?

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Learn how using opsmate could be a game changer for ensuring ROI on your AI layer.

Build custom pipelines to deploy machine learning models that need to be re-trained with batches of new data

Organisations are now building machine learning models to solve various business problems. Many of the use-cases focus on learnings from historical data and require re-training as soon as new data is available, which may be occurring recurrently. We help such organisations re-train and deploy models at scale with the ability to choose their infrastructure, platform and tool choices.

Build custom pipelines to perform real-time machine learning

Specific use-cases such as fraud detection, network security, genomic sequencing and ad re-targeting would focus on instant processing with low latency, so as various integrated systems can take actions almost in real-time. We help organisations build custom machine learning pipelines to consume, process and send data instantaneously.

Platform's Core Capabilities

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Automated Re-Trainings

Models deployed in production can be re-trained by triggering or scheduling on data or model change.

Model to API as a Service

We support highly scalable and available web-service generation from pre-trained models.

Performance Measurements

Easy to use interface to split traffic between different deployed model version. Ability to choose champion model in production.

Automated Versioning

State of the art automated versioning system for deployed models in staging and production environments. The system considers data, model source code and pipelines.

Custom ML pipelines

Easy to use interface to aggregate any supported data science tool, data warehouse, cloud/on-prem/hybrid ecosystem and AI platform in a single unified workflow.


Ability to set permissions, define access-control and enable secret management. We also support activity tracking and collaboration across teams.

Our Core Team

15 years of combined experience in business development, data engineering and devops.

Kirill Sofronov

Business Development

Gautam Anand

Technology & Innovation